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Be a part of Genex Mother & Child Development Program

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    Rule 1:
    Don’t Skip Any Test

    If you skip any test, it will go against our guidelines to have a healthy next generation. We are trying to do everything we can to somehow have an excellent future generation.
    We therefore suggest you to take all the tests+procedures+diagnostics in the list provided. This list could be basic and your own doctor might suggest you more tests. Do listen to your doctor as Genex can not be responsible if you skip any test recommended either in the list or by your doctor.
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    Rule 2:
    Read The Terms & Conditions

    You are willingly registering for the program. Genex is not charging you a singly paise. If you feel this is not for you, or you have inhibitions, you can opt not the register or exit the program anytime.
    Parents must agree that they will not use Oxxy’s discounted health plan services during this time.
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    Rule 3:
    Use Medical Centers in Genex Network

    Using the Medical Centers in Genex Network is compulsory. You can find them anywhere around you. Genex has access to more that 2,00,000 Medical Centers around the country in over 1500 cities.
    If you feel you are not able to do that, then unfortunately you will have to be terminated from the program.
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    Rule 4:
    Use GenexPay to Settle the Bill

    Please pay with GenexPay to settle your bills at the Medical Center. Not only it promotes digital economy, it also helps us to track your medical records. Not paying with GenexPay will result in termination from the program.
    We assure you that you will not be over-charged. You pay the same amount as you would pay at the Medical Center anyways.
    Just go on Pay Now section of your Membership Card and pay.